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On 26th November 2021
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For many of us, the pandemic has meant having to change and adapt the way that we do things, often with the help of technology to replace face-to-face interactions and functions. This has been especially true when it comes to how we access health care and medical advice.

That’s why we awarded a grant to Northern Health and Social Care Trust to help fund their ‘My Journey’ project, which helps to improve access to vital information that became harder to obtain  when restrictions were introduced to curb the virus.

The project is a one-year pilot programme that aims to support patients with their healthcare needs by enabling them to access information and advice more quickly and efficiently through technology, without the need to wait for a face-to-face appointment.

The project takes often-repeated information, such as advice on autism, mental health and diabetes management for parents, carers and young people, and makes it available digitally through podcasts, videos and webinar recordings. Services that have benefitted from the project include Paediatric Autism, Cancer Services, Clinical Psychology and Diabetes Services.

Having information readily available in this way means that patients are able to access the information at a time that suits them and there are no capacity limits, as there would be with face-to-face events.

Other benefits of the project include a reduction in waiting lists and staff having the ability to develop and further improve services thanks to easing pressures.

Feedback shows that users of these services have benefitted greatly:

“These podcasts are a key resource to parents of autistic children.”
“Fantastic, [I’ve] learnt so much information in one podcast, more than I have learnt over the last few years. Thank you.”
“Very easy to listen to and full of helpful insights and practical advice.”

As the NHS continues to face the most challenging time in its history, the positive impact that these improved services have for staff is also undeniable, with comments that include:

“The integration of the My Journey service will allow for an increase in our service delivery… taking new innovative ways to help patients manage their own conditions.”
“Being in a position to utilise digital tools… has been invaluable to the service.”

Northern Health and Social Care Trust has been greatly encouraged by the uptake of the services provided by the ‘My Journey’ project within its pilot year and considers digital content to be essential in making healthcare advice more accessible and effective.

The Trust hopes that with future funding it will be able to expand this support to additional services, as well as provide patients with greater choice by developing online booking and enabling on-demand information and advice.

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