Deep Impact – NHS Charities boldly going where none have before

On 1st August 2019
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 One of the biggest challenges facing NHS Charities, is evidencing the impact of all the amazing work that they do.

10 NHS Charities are boldly going where none have before; working together, sharing information and partnering to produce a framework for NHS Charities Together to evidence and demonstrate the impact that they have upon NHS staff, trusts and patients.

We are really excited to announce that their first ever Shared Measurement Impact Report has now been published. You can read it here. 

Many thanks to Ollie at Imperial for leading on this report. A huge thank you and well done goes to the below charities for all their input. A lot of hard work behind the scenes has gone into this project and we hope to use it as a framework and model of best practise to roll out across all NHS Charities Together.

  • Barts Charity
  • Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation
  • Imperial Health Charity
  • Moorfields Eye Charity
  • Nottingham Hospitals Charity
  • Royal Free Charity
  • Sheffield Hospitals Charity
  • The Health Tree Foundation
  • The CNWL NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund
  • Your Trust Charity

Happy reading and well done team!!!

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