Duke of Westminster donates £5m to NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Appeal

Posted by Cara Green
On 15th April 2020
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Hugh Grosvenor, The Duke of Westminster, is donating £5 million to our COVID-19 relief effort to create a family fund.

His generous gift follows an initial donation of £2.5 million in March to charities providing essential food distribution, especially to vulnerable families struggling to feed their children who would normally receive free school meals.

His latest donation will be made immediately available to support the NHS through the Appeal to provide respite, rehabilitation and mental health assistance to NHS staff and their families.

Funding will also go towards medical research and development linked to COVID-19.

The donations will be granted through the Westminster Foundation to national charities and regional organisations in London and Cheshire, where the Duke of Westminster and his family are based.

“On behalf of my family and everyone at the Grosvenor Estate, I want to say a huge thank you to all our amazing NHS staff and everyone providing critical frontline services. We are all incredibly grateful that you are working tirelessly to keep us safe and keep the country functioning. NHS staff and key workers don’t work in isolation. They have children and families whose health and wellbeing will also be highly impacted by this crisis. As they keep us safe, I want to help provide as much support to them and their families as we can. Our donation will help create a Family Fund within NHS Charities Together to provide food, respite, rehabilitation and positive mental health support to NHS staff and their families.”

Hugh Grosvenor

The Duke will make the following donations totalling £10m available through his foundation, the Westminster Foundation: 

  • £5m to NHS Charities Together, specifically to create a Family Fund that will support NHS workers and their families;
  • £3m to national medical research and development linked to COVID-19
  • £2m to charities and organisations providing frontline support to people who will feel the greatest long-term economic and social impact of the epidemic and may need access to employment, education and mental health services in the coming months. This is in line with the Westminster Foundation’s new strategic focus to provide long-term sustainable help and direction to vulnerable young lives.

The Grosvenor Estate has also mobilised its resources and people to help businesses and families in urban and rural communities tackle the impact of coronavirus through initiatives including rent-free arrangements and rent deferrals for independent and vulnerable retail tenants, charities and other commercial businesses, including farms. Suppliers are being helped with cashflow by paying them promptly and in advance.

A number of properties in Mayfair and Belgravia have been made available to key workers while vacant properties and spaces have been offered to local Councils to help with their relief efforts.

A disinfectant which de-activates the COVID-19 virus is being produced and offered freely available to local health, transport, care home and prison services.

About the Covid-19 Urgent Appeal

The NHS Charities Together Urgent Appeal acknowledges and supports NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients. It has been put together in liaison with NHS England and national bodies, our member NHS charities and national giving platforms. Click here to donate.

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