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Tim’s Story

Tim is raising money for NHS Charities Together this April by taking on the London Marathon.


I’d thought about training for the London marathon for quite some time but had never felt strongly enough about a cause, and a charity to commit to the training during the miserable winter months.  I was recently lucky enough to welcome my little daughter into this world, but unfortunately there were complications at birth with both my new little one, and my wife. This made me feel passionately about supporting the NHS, in particular the midwives, nurses and doctors who provided life saving care to my family during this period. I didn’t quite realise how serious the situation was, but as time has passed I have been able to reflect and acknowledge how lucky we were to have the midwives on hand to support when we needed them the most.

We feel incredibly lucky that my family has managed to make a full recovery. In terms of current status, we are currently weaning our fantastic little human who is now 6 months old, with not a day going by that we don’t recognise how different things could have been.  Back in 2020, everyone was clapping for our key workers during the pandemic (including us!), but I wanted to build on that and really show our support for NHS staff, with this marathon offering a brilliant opportunity to do just that. 

I always knew that if I was going to take on a marathon, it had to be London as it is so iconic.  With my body only wanting to do one, I have set a rather ambitious target which has meant the need to train 5 or 6 days out of 7…even on the days I haven’t had much sleep!  The past 12 months have certainly been a whirlwind. Starting a new job, moving into our first home and having a baby all in the space of a matter of months – but I am so looking forward to crossing that finish line and most importantly raising vital funds to help with the great work that the NHS Charities Together are doing for our ‘Front Line Workers’

Raising money for NHS Charities Together and NHS staff is my way of giving back to the people who sacrifice so much to keep my loved ones safe and healthy.

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