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North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust Garden

A disused outdoor space has been transformed into a shared growing and wellbeing area thanks to NHS Charities Together funding.

The revamped allotment and garden at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust promotes physical and mental wellbeing in an inclusive environment through the delivery of socially prescribed activities for the benefit of NHS staff, volunteers, patients, family, and friends.

A total of 100 sunflowers have been planted at the site by 100 volunteers at the end of February when the allotment was initially launched to mark the centenary of North Middlesex University hospital. The flowers are set to bloom throughout the summer.

The area was created specifically to provide staff with more outdoor space that can be used during break times as it is an ideal location for getting together to enjoy a tea break with others.

A spokesperson for North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust said:

“We are delighted that funding from NHS Charities Together has enabled us to create this wellbeing space for NHS staff. Having this place to relax and recharge is more important than ever after the challenging year that we have all had.”

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