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Aimee’s Story

Aimee is an inspirational NHS Charities Together supporter who wrote and illustrated her very first e-book to thank NHS staff heroes and all the key worker heroes.

Aimee was just 7 years old when she was inspired to start raising money for NHS staff by the weekly clap each Thursday evening on doorsteps during the pandemic.  She used her love of nature and passion for illustrations to create ‘The Very Hungry Honey Bee’

Determined to raise £100 by her eighth birthday, Aimee wanted to make as much money as possible to show her love and appreciation for hardworking NHS workers. She also wanted her book to serve as a keepsake for the tough times experienced by many during the lockdown and act as a reminder that change is inevitable in life, and it’s how we adapt to change which sets us apart.

The talented young writer from Saltford, Bristol, was inspired by all our NHS Heroes and all the key worker Heroes and all the volunteers. Aimee says “thank you so much. You are all so amazing, you all have heart of Gold.❤️????????”

Thanks to her fundraising, Aimee was honoured to receive two letters from the Queen, and to receive an invitation to attend the Christmas Carol Concert in London, hosted by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

At the service, Aimee gave some handmade with Love “Thank You, NHS” bracelets/Christmas tree decorations to NHS staff and NHS charity representatives that they could use to make a Christmas & New Year 2023 wishes.

Altogether, Aimee raised £937 + £124 Gift Aid (nearly 10 times her original target!) for NHS Charities Together and has even been awarded a British Citizen Youth award in recognition of her kindness and commitment to making a difference.

About The Very Hungry Honey Bee

The Very Hungry Honey Bee is a children’s book designed, illustrated, and written by Aimee Phillips. The book features a Bee Larva who eats her way through a variety of foodstuffs before pupating and emerging as a Beautiful Honey Bee.

Read Aimee’s e-book here: https://issuu.com/nhsebook/docs/theveryhungryhoneybee

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