NHS staff praise Wobble Rooms stocked with Covid-19 Appeal Grant funded resources

Posted by Cara Green
On 10th May 2020
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Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust staff working in hospitals and in the community are experiencing the benefits of Wobble Rooms packed with wellbeing resources paid for with NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Grant funding.

Wobble Rooms set up by the Trust, 24 in inpatient areas and 19 in the community, have been enhanced with a range of wellbeing products to help staff de-stress. They include five-minute stress tip books, stress relief toys, jigsaws, mindful colouring books, hand creams and drinks, sweets and healthy treats.

Staff have a couple of extra five to 10 minute breaks across each shift for staff to have a bit of breathing space and the rooms have proved to be valuable spaces.

“The staff comments we have received speak volumes about the impact this has had on their everyday wellbeing.  It is important that we sustain this support and prioritise self-care for our staff.  We understand that it’s OK to not be OK and the Wobble Rooms are there for those times.”

Cathy Ellis, Chair of Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust and Chair of the Trust’s charity Raising Health

Some of the comments received from staff include:

“The Wobble rooms have been a fantastic initiative, they really do provide a safe space for staff, somewhere for them to go when maybe they just need a bit of time out, some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the busy working day, a time to ponder and have a snack or drink, or just quietly sit. Lots of staff have made use of the additional resources, chill out music, hand creams, relaxation books, stress toys, mindfulness techniques etc.“

“I have spoken to several staff and they have all said that they really appreciate that the Trust has considered their Wellbeing during these difficult and challenging times and all speak very positively of the rooms.”

“It’s been good to have a space to go to for five minutes. I know the staff have used it a lot and have enjoyed the books, colouring and space to regroup. Also very grateful for the snacks…and to be thought of.”

“It’s a great resource, I think the hand cream is a really good idea and I know staff have really appreciated all the goodies, helps with morale.”

“Staff are utilising it for a variety of reasons – time out, de-stress, pampering, have a hot drink, chat with other staff members, quiet space for reflection. We have a mixture of treats, hand creams, magazines, puzzles.”

“There were a lot of OOOHs and AAAHs and we just opened it this morning.”

“More than anything they have provided staff with a space and permission to take a break. Staff are having to deal with stressful events with friends and family outside work also and life goes on. Social isolation is affecting everyone’s health and wellbeing.”

“I think this communicates volumes to the team about how we need to look after ourselves right now, in order to be able to support the needs of our vulnerable patient group; by keeping our own anxieties contained, helping us manage through this period of time with resilience, connection to one another and enabling a positive team spirit.”

Urgent Appeal Grants

Grants given to NHS charities are used to meet the immediate and urgent needs of patients, staff and volunteers. Funding is also going towards helping partnerships outside hospitals, such as hospices, community healthcare and social care, making sure patients leaving hospital have access to the care they need to recover. In the longer term it will also fund programmes to help staff and volunteers recover fully once the crisis has abated, reducing the long-term impact on them and the people they care about.

About the Urgent Appeal

The NHS Charities Together Urgent Appeal acknowledges and supports NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients. It has been put together in liaison with NHS England and national bodies, our member NHS charities and national giving platforms. Click here to donate.

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