NHS at the top of the (apple) tree!

On 8th October 2019
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Last month, an annual Brand Relevance Index, run by a leading brand and marketing consultancy, found the NHS to be the most relevant brand in the UK. It found that our National Health Service is more relevant to the UK public than Spotify, Netflix and Sony PlayStation, and knocked Apple, which has topped the chart every year since the Index’s inception four years ago, down to fifth place.

So, what does this mean for the NHS charity sector? Well, if
you consider that NHS charities are one of the vehicles to help deliver patient
benefit and go ‘above & beyond’ what the NHS alone can provide – using
Apple again as an analogy – one could argue that NHS charities are to the NHS
what the latest iPhone or MAC is to Apple. Helping to project the brand, remain
relevant, well respected and able to deliver services.

This presents a great opportunity for NHS charities to
demonstrate their relevance to the UK’s most relevant brand! Something to shout
about for sure whilst aspiring to position ourselves as key strategic partners
of the NHS.

An example of how NHS Charities Together can help members
demonstrate relevance to their NHS Trust is through our Masterclass event with
Advancement Resources on Monday 9th December.  Titled, ‘Engaging Clinicians in Fundraising
Partnerships’ this highly interactive, one-day workshop prepares fundraising
professionals to optimise engagement of clinicians. 

In the words of Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon)

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in
the room”

Written by Seb Hargreaves, Membership Support & Development Manager

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