Make a difference for the NHS with the Run for Heroes 5KMay

On 12th April 2021
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More than 1.5m people joined the Run for Heroes movement last year to make a difference for the NHS by taking part in the run 5, donate £5 and tag 5 challenge.

The viral phenomenon raised over £7m for NHS Charities Together, which impacted in such a positive way that Run for Heroes is doing it all again this year with 5KMay.

The money raised last year by all involved, including a vast array of well-known personalities, supported NHS Charities Together to aid the emergency response and longer-term recovery of the NHS.

The grants we distribute to NHS charities support NHS teams throughout the UK with wellbeing rooms to take a break from busy wards and ‘grab and go’ drinks and snacks to keep staff hydrated and nourished during busy shifts.

Funds also pay for technology so isolated patients can see family and friends virtually, to connect during recovery, or sadly, for emotional goodbyes.

The 5KMay challenge is for anyone who wants to get more active and you can support our NHS frontline workers at this time of unprecedented challenge.

Get involved

Together, we can continue to make a difference and support our NHS. Sign up or donate here and be part of this amazing fundraising initiative. Run 5, donate £5 and tag 5 of your friends or family, then share your photos on social media tagging in: 




Be inspired

People from all walks life joined the 5K challenge last year. Rachel ran the Run For Heroes 5k on April 9th 2020 for NHS Charities Together after her brother tagged her in on a social media post and she leapt at the chance to show her support for the NHS.

Rachel said:

Rachel took part in the Run for Heroes challenge last year

“I don’t often turn down a running challenge and this was no exception! With friends and family working in the NHS, as well as family working in hospitals abroad, I am aware of the extremely difficult situations they have been working through in the past year.

“I know I don’t have the first-hand experience and wouldn’t have the first idea of what to do in the shoes of the medical professionals, but I put my running shoes on instead to show my support and donated to Run for Heroes.

“Challenges like this have kept me motivated during lockdown, especially as I’ve been working from home the whole time.

“Running gives me a reason to get outside and clear my head. Thank you to everyone in the NHS for your dedication throughout the pandemic and now with the vaccine rollout, you are all doing a fantastic job.”

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